Monday, April 20, 2009

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Brides with a Budget!

Dear Chic Girls,

As we all know hard economic times are among us, but such tribulations have bestowed the opportunity to reach beyond our creative borders to stretch budgets and make life's most important items, opportunities, and experiences go the monetary distance.

'Innovative dollar placement' is especially useful when planning a wedding. A few dollars nipped and tucked here and there will save you big in the end or give you more leeway to spend more money on something special. 

From eBay to Consignment stores, stories about brides finding their 'it' dress on a budget are popping up everywhere. I once heard of a brides who scoured the internet and found a vintage 1940s wedding dress for $60! Her entire "old world Paris" inspired wedding cost $2,000. Talk about making penny pinching go the distance!!!

Caterers, venues, and florists are all feeling the economic crunch and in turn are offering amazing scaled down packages for brides on a budget.  There are dozens of different ways to get a deal. Simple and tasteful weddings are now not only viewed as practical, but putting together a chic streamlined affair on a small budget is considering a talent to be envied!

Here at Kathlin Argiro we've been getting more requests for alternative and casual wedding dresses. Small-budget brides who aren't willing to skimp on style are picking out our longer silhouettes and getting them made in all white.  Ivory, cream, and white fabrics are being paired with each other for dresses that have lots of great texture and movement. We were so impressed with the craftiness of some brides that we decided to formally offer "The Kathlin Argiro White Collection".

From informal destination weddings to chic church affairs we've got you covered at a fraction of the cost!

For more information email us at or give us a call at the studio P: 212-268-8774. We'd be happy to answer any questions!

Kathlin Argiro

Check out our latest wedding dress fitting below:

Silhouette: Long Present Dress (Silhouette 8) with lace bodice- COST $436
Extra: Lace Bolero - COST $350
Total Look = $786