Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kathlin Argiro Couture

Kathlin designed a fabulous mint green modernistic winged sleeve dress for Yuli Ziv, founder of the fashion website Myitthings.com for the "My IT Designer" runway show/competition.

To check out Yuli's article about the dress click here: http://myitthings.com/Yuli/Post/fashion/It_Thing/The__It__Dress__Kathlin_Argiro_Couture_/9810192008194746947.htm

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Myitthings.com "New IT Designer" Runway Contest!

Last night Kathlin Argiro was a judge at the Myitthings.com "New IT Designer" contest!

The first time event for Myitthings.com was a huge success with America's Next Top Model cast member Jaslene Gonzalez and Project Runway model winner Lisa Nargi walking the runway. Among the attendees were Project Runway's Kevin Christiana and Malan Brenton, who was also a judge.

Check out the pictures below!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Have Exciting News!

Kathlin Argiro dresses are now available for purchase on edressme.com

Check out Kathlin's Page on edressme!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Beauty is Not Only Dress Deep!

Here at Kathlin Argiro we love dresses! The way women look and feel in the perfect dress is a bit of a euphoric experience for us! Wrap dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaids dresses, sun dresses.... we are obsessed! Ask us why we love dresses so much and our list pratically never ends. They are feminine, flirty, chic and functional. Nothing says 'Smart' like a confident woman in a great dress!

But before you put on a dress, you've got to make sure what you have underneath is up to par!

Often undergarments go uncared for because they are concealed from the world- a mere backdrop to our fabulous outfits. This attitude about undies and bras is totally wrong!

Nothing can make you look slimmer and more pulled together than a great lingerie wardrobe.

Last night we were treated to a personal consultation from Lingerie Fit Expert Lisa Cole. We were lifted, tucked, cinched, and smoothed with her amazing tips and tricks.

And let us say it first, "Our dresses look even more amazing with the right stuff underneath!"

We are recommending Lisa to everyone that will give us their ear.

Check out this great book written by Lisa, "The Foundation of a Woman's Life".

And visit her website at: