Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kathlin Argiro is "Tim Gunn" of Online Fashion World

Kathlin Argiro has been chosen as the mentor for the "It" Designer contest hosted by MyItThings.com, a leading website specializing in user-generated fashion content.

Bringing Fashion to the forefront of the Web World, contestants were asked to submit five of their best designs to be judged by an online audience.

"This is an amazing opportunity for designers to get exposure. It's natural that the technology world and the fashion world would eventually collide. Then internet can open doors for designers that never existed before. The It Designer contest is the Project Runway for the Internet Generation," commented Kathlin Argiro.

The contest, which launched on May 12 of this year, closed last month on July 15 with over 100,000 votes from MyItThings.com users.  The three top designers were given $1500 to work on their spring collection as well as a personal mentoring session with Kathlin Argiro. They will be displaying their work at a fashion show on October 15 in Manhattan. 

WINNERS: Nora delBusto (Chicago), Wakana Koike (NYC), Adolfo Sanchez (Las Vegas).

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