Monday, August 11, 2008

My It Things Reviews Kathlin Argiro Sarong!

The Kathlin Argiro Summer 2008 Signature Sarongs are flying off the racks!

Check out what My It Things is saying:

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6 dresses in one? Sign me up!

When Kathlin Argiro's signature pink and white dressong (dress / sarong combo) came with different tying instructions I couldn't imagine all would actually work on my body. So I had to try them all (including my own one-shoulder "invention").

While experimenting with the looks, I could imagine myself chilling by the pool in the strapless version, rocking a fab party with the one-shoulder and just throwing on a halter one during my Tuscany vacation.

No wonder this sarong has been Kathlin Argiro's most popular item this summer... Try it yourself!


Audrey Ong said...

I'm glad your dressongs are doing so well! =]

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